Lago di Garda – The perfect spring-weekend get-away

It’s finally happening.. The sun starts shining more and more; it’s not dark in the morning when you have to leave for work anymore and when you come back in the evening, the sun’s still shining. Temperatures are rising and spring seems to be finally here. Are you, as I am, already feeling the summer coming nearer? And if so, is there anything better than spending a warm spring weekend on the shore of the Garda Lake in Italy, feeling like summer holidays have already arrived?

Garda Lake is the largest lake in Italy and is situated between the Alps in the north and Po Valley in the south. The northern part of the lake belongs to the region of Trentino- Alto Adige, whereas the western part belongs to Lombardy and the eastern part to Venetia. Not far from the lake you’ll find some of the most famous vineyards.

Personally, I’ve always been staying in Desenzano del Garda, which is the largest city bordering to the lake. There are some really nice little hotels and you can walk to the center of the city to see the lake (and even take a bath if you feel like doing so), find some bars and small restaurants to have an „aperitivo“ first and dinner afterwards. Don’t miss out on Italian Pizza or fresh fish! In the evening don’t miss the beautiful sight of the lake by night with all the lights of the city.IMG_2166

During the day you can get the boat from Desenzano and head to one of the other cities around the lake. I’d personally recommend Sirmione.
During the Roman Empire, Sirmione was a vacation destination for upper-class families. From that time, only the „Grottoes of Catullus“, which are ruins of a Roman Villa, are left. There’s also a castle and a little train driving you around.

Additionally, don’t miss out on the food in Sirmione! You can find huge sandwiches in every corner. Think about it: Fresh Italian sandwiches filled with cheese, ham, vegetables and in thousands of other variations, warmed up so that the bread gets crispy and the cheese melts inside. Are you as hungry as I am?
And after lunch you won’t be able to resist all those ice cream parlors. I’ve never seen such huge amounts of ice cream and such a big variety in flavors.


Close to the Garda Lake you can also find Italy’s largest theme park, „Gardaland“. With roller coasters and attractions for every age.
If the weather’s nice you can also rent a paddleboat and make your way through the lake on your own.


Have I awakened your interest? Are you ready to feel as if summer was already here? Then just pack your stuff, take your car and enjoy spring at Garda Lake!


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