9 things to do in Punta Cana once you decide to leave your beloved resort


 Punta Cana.. The name already sounds like paradise on earth and once you arrive at your hotel resort and head straight away for the beach you’ll see you weren’t wrong at all. White sand, transparent water, palms, no clouds to be seen and plenty of people dancing, singing and asking you in Spanish how you’re doing. One of the things you’re likely to think at that very moment is that you won’t leave this place for the next two weeks and that those 14 days are way too short to suck in everything the resort has to offer you. 

But sooner or later you’ll either want to get to see more of the island and what it has to offer or you’re simply going to get burnt so badly you’ll be looking for an excuse to leave the beach a few hours earlier. (Trust me, water yoga at 12 o’clock in directly underneath the burnong Caribbean sun is NEVER a good idea.. ) so here is a list of 9 things you absolutely have to experience in Punta Cana:

1. Mega Truck Tour (1 day):

After picking up all the participants at their respective hotels, nothing can stop this great tour from beginning. I must admit a whole day feels a little long when you’re sitting in the truck but there’s so much about history and life in Punta Cana to discover. First thing you’ll head to Higuey and its beautiful church (knees must be covered). Then,  you’ll visit some coffee and cocoa plantations, see how natives are doing cigars, stop in a small village where you get to see a public school and traditional Dominican houses. You’ll be given traditional food for lunch and then you have the possibility to go ziplining or horse riding and at the end you’ll stop at a very beautiful beach. 

2. Stingray Bay Caribbean Festival (0.5 day):

Travel along the coast line in a double decker catamaran until you get to a small „island“ in the sea. Once there, you can swim with nurse sharks (they say they don’t bite.. I haven’t tried!) and get a massage done by a stingray swimming over your back. After leaving, you’ll stop in the midst of the sea for some incredible snorkeling in the tropical reef.

3. Dr Fish Ocean Spa (3h):


 For everyone over 18 years, this experience includes stretching and breathing exercises on a double decker boat and a relaxing individual massage. Then, fishes called Garra Rufa will remove the dead skin on your feet by biting it away without hurting you. 

4. Swimming with dolphins (0.5d):

There’s not much explanation needed in this case I’d say.. You get the chance of entering the dolphin’s pool and try out some tricks and in the end have the dolphin kissing you on the cheek. Short: Every girl’s dream!

5. Segway Eco Tour (0.5d):

After a short introduction on how to drive a Segway, you’ll set off with a guide through Punta Cana’s ecological reserve and its most luxurious resort, Tortuga Bay and stop at Serena Beach, with bone white sand. After returning your Segway in the end, you’ll have a short walk to a fresh water lagoon you can swim in. 

6. Buggies (0.5d):

Every father and son dream. Take a buggy and drive through dirt, wet sand and everything else that’s in your way and could be fun. 

7. Country Express (0.5d):

Similarly to the Mega Truck this tour stops at coffee and chocolate plantations and you’ll see how tobacco is being rolled. Additionally here, you’ll stop in a butterfly garden (yes, you can touch and hold butterflies) and get a boogie board or surf lesson!!! (Surfing was so much fun! Fortunately, I didn’t know about the sharks in the area in advance!)

8. Caribbean Buccaneers (5h):


Once you arrive at the beach you’ve got plenty of chances to interact with the buccaneers, such as try arm wrestling and lifting cannon balls. On board of the ship you’ll experience some performances and dances until you get to your dining location on shark island, which is an artificial island in the middle of the sea. When returning to the main land, you’ll be asked to dance with the pirates while seeing more performances. All in all a unique and interactive experience!

9. Catamaran:

How about renting a catamaran for you and your friends? Dance to the usual music, sit into the Catamaran’s pools and enjoy the sun and fresh drinks until you get to the spot where you can get off the ship meters away from the coast and stand due to a sand bank?

Even if Punta Cana’s beaches are fabulous, there’s more to discover once you leave your comfortable all-inclusive hotel! 


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