5 things every true Italian will miss when leaving Italy

1. Forget about eggs and bacon! I know it’s delicious, but nothing will ever overrun Italian breakfast! Get up, get ready and go to one of the numerous bars you’ll find in every street corner! Ask for a ‚brioche‘ ( a croissant filled with either cream or jam ), then ask for whatever you’d like to drink, like a cappuccino, a latte macchiato, an espresso or simply a fresh made orange juice! I promise, you’ll love it!

2. Who doesn’t love Pizza? Honestly, I’ve hardly heard of people not liking Pizza. (Don’t tell me you don’t like Pizza if you want to be my friend! 😉 Haha) I know you can eat Pizza in every country but it’s not the same as in its birthplace Italy, where it still has a special status as a kind of cultural thing. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? Well one of the great inventions you’ll find often in Italy are places where you buy ‚Pizza al taglio‚ which means that you only buy as many slices as you want to eat and either pay according to the amount of slices you had or to the weight of the slices you’ve chosen. (I actually love pizza with french fries on top even if it’s not Italian at all, but I always try to convince people to try it out. :’D)

3. „Gelato“. It’s one of the first words tourists know when they cross the boarder to Italy. Well, it’s very understandable because it’s one of the best things in the world (along with Pizza and almost every type of Italian food..) (Yes, I also love other countries food, I generally am really fond of food..) So back to the ice cream.. It’s great, you can get it everywhere and it’s cheap! My favorite place for ice cream always was, still is and always will be in Udine next to my grandpa’s house. They have the best ‚tiramisù‘ ice cream I’ve ever had in my last 18 years of life! I swear, I’ve tried ‚tiramisù‘ ice cream in different places in- and outside Italy and I’ve ended up choosing other flavours than ‚tiramisù‘ everywhere except for that Gelateria, where I’ll eat only that one whenever I go.
Besides, have you ever been to a gelateria and bought 1 kg or 500g of ice cream to take away and eat with your friends? Try that one!

4. Have you ever heard of ‚pasticcini‘? ‚Pasticcini‚ are those adorable little things you get from the pastery shop! Oh god how much better life is because of them! Once you enter a pastery shop you can choose from a huge variety of different coloured and different tasting ‚pasticcini‘ and you’ll love them, trust me. Additionally, if you’re invited to someone’s house while staying in Italy just bring along some of them as a dessert and everyone will be happy!

5. Super markets. Aren’t super markets actually nicer than they often look? They’re full of food and you’ll find everything you need in there even if sometimes they seem really chaotic. Well, when entering a super market in Italy I always immediately notice one difference: the smell. I don’t know why but super markets really do smell differently! I can’t even really describe how they smell but it’s somekind of mix of food, fresh bread, sweets and holidays… Sounds odd, I know, but maybe you’ll get into one once, just pay attention! 😉


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