Edinburgh- a must for all Harry Potter lovers!

I must admit, I wasn’t very excited about going to Scotland first. Neither the prospect of a week full of rainy cold weather nor the fact that I was going to miss a trip to Hungary with my friends made me very enthusiastic about the week in Edinburgh laying in front of me.. The first two days on the Scottish countryside did actually reflect my negative expectations. But then, when we finally moved to Edinburgh, I was extremely positively surprised and I’d go back straight away if I had the chance to. Edinburgh is full of history which is reflected in almost every corner of the city. A big plus was surely that I had the feeling Harry Potter might pop up at any moment.. Additionally, Scottish people proved to be extremely friendly and funny.(Just try asking someone wearing a Kilt whether it’s true they don’t wear pants underneath and you’ll be given the proof..)

As we were on a school trip and hence were on a tight budget we’ve been staying at the  Budget Backpackers Hostel. (see https://budgetbackpackers.com) which was very comfortable, clean and colorful. Plus, each morning we woke up to the sound of someone playing a bagpipe. 

So here are some things to do and see in Edinburgh:

  • A must in Edinburgh is Edinburgh castle.. Make sure you have warm clothes with you because it’s very windy in Scotland! The castle is very impressing and you get a great view over the city but don’t plan more than 2 hours for the castle, or you’ll spend the rest of the time in the coffee shop (which has nice tea and cake though).
  • One thing I’d definitely recommend to every one is the camera obscura. On the top of the museum you’ll have the chance to enter a dark room (camera obscura) where you’ll see a reflection of the city on a white surface created only through the sunlight and numerous mirrors. The rest of the museum is filled with interesting, funny and interactive experiments for every age. 
  • One place every Harry Potter Fan has to stop at is the Elephant House!!
    They have very good dishes, so it’s worth spending your lunch break in there. You’ll feel much nearer to Hogwarts, trust me! And make sure you enter the women’s bathroom with your camera!! I could spend a whole day in that bathroom reading everything written on the walls:
    IMG_3602 IMG_3603 IMG_3605
  • After leaving the Elephant House you can immediately stop at your left for a delicious dessert at Patisserie Valerie! (see https://www.patisserie-valerie.co.uk)
  • In order to see all the best highlights of Edinburgh I’d recommend just walking down the Royal Mile, which begins at Edinburgh Castle and ends at Holyrood Palace, which is the Queen’s residence in Edinburgh. You can visit Holyrood Palace, but unfortunately you’re not allowed to take pictures inside..
  • From Arthur’s Seat one can enjoy the full sight of the city but make sure the wind doesn’t blow you away! If you don’t make it on top, there are still some smaller mountains next to it from where one can already see a great part of Edinburgh.
  • For dinner, the best thing to do is to go to one of the numerous pubs in Edinburgh.. They have great, fresh food, such as burgers and baked potatoes!
  • Make sure you go to the Murder and Mistery Tour in the evening!  It’s so funny and you get to see Edinburgh by night while hearing some interesting facts about this city’s past. 

Edinburgh has a magical charisma and is definitely worth a trip! 

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